I have been involved with Catholic Charities for a number of years and don’t recall when, how, or why. I have been asked this a number of times by employees as well.

I have been lucky that whenever I had to go to a Public Aid Office, someone from St. Vincent DePaul Center always gave me support when I needed it.

I have been invited to many Christmas parties and programs, and have volunteered to help out. I was so grateful for the help that I received and I felt I could help others in return by volunteering.

Today I have to depend on help and St. Vincent DePaul Center has been helpful for me. Nine years ago I received a pig valve and Catholic Charities got me help for a number of things I couldn’t do.

It’s wonderful that Catholic Charities gave me all the help I received. Today I say prayers and hope that I won’t have to depend on others so much for help, but that I can do things on my own.

So until this miracle happens, thanks so much to Catholic Charities for giving me the help I need when I am limited to what I can do. THANK YOU THANK YOU.