In 1952 my mother was in the hospital giving birth to her sixth child.  My father's job required him to leave for work at 4 AM.  Our priest from Holy Angels, contacted Catholic Charities.  Every morning for one week a lady from Catholic Charities came to our home.  She prepared our breakfast and got us ready for school.  I don't remember her name but we told our friends that she was our grandmother; in fact, we called her "grandma".

Another time CC came to our family's rescue was when my father was hospitalized and there was no family income. Once a week (until my father was able to return to work) Father Curran (our family priest) would pin a white envelope to my uniform to give to my mother.  I learned that the envelope contained a check to help maintain our household.

I am 78 years old and have not forgotten how Catholic Charities helped our family.