I am a firm believer that God always provides help when needed.

In 2003, I needed to call Catholic Charities to find a caretaker to take care of my mom. She fell and broke her hip and needed two surgeries to repair her hip (she was 88 at the times). It was a miracle that our caretaker came from Catholic Charities, and when she was asked, “What address would you like to select out of this list?” she selected my mom’s address. She said she had a feeling this would be her new client, and sure enough she was with us until 2009 when mom passed away in her arms from natural causes.

If it wasn’t for our ANGEL caretaker, mom would not have lived that long. She did a lot for her: made her breakfast and lunch, washed her clothes, took care of all her needs. I worked part time at the time and needed someone there.

Thank you so much Catholic Charities for this gift we received from you. Mom was 94 when she passed. I will never forget you and our caretaker.