I sent a poem to the Keenager News.

Having my poem accepted for the Readers’ Corner in the Keenager News opened up the door to a hobby that grew more important for me to this day. I learned that “SHARING” what I wrote helped locate friends and tell them where I had moved. Some are gone, but there are some reading the Keenager and working the crossword puzzles. Now they also have new addresses.

One day a woman walked over to me and said: “Peace be with you.” (I wondered… who is she? Why is she greeting me this way?)

Naturally, I answered, “And with you.” And we parted.

(“She is a Catholic,” I thought.)

Next day I found she knew my name, and read my poem, “PEACE BE WITH YOU” in the Keenager News! After several months I was getting calls, “Did you see your poem in the News?”

The existence of the Keenager News has made it possible for me to make new friends, find old friends, and it made my hobby a lifelong source of occupation and enjoyment.