Well, let me start with this statement: “If it wasn’t for Catholic Charities, I would not be writing this letter because I would be buried 6 feet underground DEAD!” I was married to an abusive drug addict and left him six times just to go back into a dangerous home. I’ve had a gun put up to my head, been choked, and my life threatened numerous times. But thank God for Catholic Charities counseling, my counselor, Sonya, helped me start thinking clearly by teaching me the “cycle of abuse.” Then she helped me get the courage and strength to move forward, get an order of protection and divorce.

My counselor also helped me find housing at a Catholic Charities building “Porta Coeli Senior Building.” Oh Praise the Lord! Catholic Charities Porta Coeli Senior Building subsidizes my rent and that is why I am no longer homeless. Thank you, Catholic Charities, you have helped me enormously. I feel like a new person with a new life and have been on my own since 2015. Catholic Charities increased my self-esteem through counseling and I am now learning how to build good relationships.

At Porta Coeli Senior Building I have had the opportunity to improve my health through the gardening club and get off all of my medications by changing my eating habits. I am now active meeting new friends at Porta Coeli Senior Building through the many activities like fitness class, gardening, and Zumba.

Catholic Charities has helped me stop living in an abusive household, change my victim mindset, obtain an apartment, improve my health, get off all prescription medication and start LIVING AGAIN. Thank you Catholic Charities.