I don’t know if I can say Catholic Charities only helped me, they gave my husband and me a daughter through adoption which is far beyond helping. They changed our lives forever.

We were blessed with a son, but were told not to have more children as I had a cesarean with many complications. Wanting more children, we put our application in immediately for another child through Catholic Charities. We had a wonderful Priest as our case worker. We at that time only lived in a small 10x45 ft. mobile home and you had to assume that the baby would have its own room. My husband built an addition to our mobile and made a room. Because we had a son, we knew it would be hard as other couples had no children.

I called every month to our case worker and I think they really gave us a baby to get rid of those calls. 4 years and 8 months later, we got the call for our daughter.

She is a devout Catholic woman now with two children and teaches CCD classes. So, yes, Catholic Charities helped us and we are so blessed. There is no difference in love between these two children. Thank you Catholic Charities for your help. I am now 81, my husband 87, married 64 years, but it seems like yesterday we were blessed.