So many of our clients who turn to us have weary souls. For a multitude of reasons, they find themselves surrounded by darkness and uncertainty. They long for help and they search for hope. It’s a simple word, but without “hope” you don’t see a brighter future. You lose faith. You lose confidence. Without hope, the world is dark.

That sense of darkness weighs heavy on the shoulders of our clients. The darkness may come from the loss of a job or fear of homelessness. It may be the fear of being sent away from the place they know and back to a homeland that is unfamiliar.

Isiah speaks to us about times of darkness and the piercing light that penetrates. He reminds us that the light of Christ has the power to shine into our world. A world that is often dark, cold, and tough.

At Catholic Charities, our clients find the help, hope, and light they are searching for. We treat all of our clients who come to us with compassion and only ask one question when they walk through our doors, “How can we help you?” With a smile and a sympathetic ear, Catholic Charities gives each person who turns to us hope.

Throughout this issue, you will find client-focused stories of transformation made possible through our programs. While our clients come to us surrounded by darkness and uncertainty, they discover light on their journeys toward self-sufficiency. They feel light because of the change in their lives. They bring light to others because their lives have changed.

We believe that even when a person feels helpless, they should never feel hopeless. We are grateful for all the Good Samaritans who have supported us for 100 years to bring this light to all in need. It is thanks to supporters like you that we are able to lift up the needs of the weary, hungry, and lonely.

While one person can’t do everything, we have seen the power of what we can do together. Thank you for joining us on the front lines of hope, bringing light to the lives of those in need for 100 years.